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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cheeky monkey

With 4 generations of Pademelon's happily living adjacent & under the house, it's amazing watching the lil ones venture out of mum's pouch to eat grass. I don't feed them, Zuki dog leaves them to it & they're now so tame we trip over them at dusk & dawn. 

Currently there is one lil bubsy that is curious, intrepid & has us in stitches.
This morning I woke to find it in my large cumquat pot trying to jump into the aloe vera next to it. In the process it has discovered aloe vera to be unpalatable, a quick shake of it's head confirming the bitter taste.
Surprisingly a few minutes later it has hopped onto the front deck & is peering through the glass door, looking at us all. Such a brave little one.

It's daily antics are a source of great pleasure, although mummy Pademelon is constantly on the lookout for her adventurous little one!

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