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Saturday, December 20, 2014


..we cruised into Hobart to hang out with some friendly Hobartians, and indulge in festive drinks.
Sensibly a hotel was booked in the CBD. Zuki dog is dropped off in New Town for a sleepover with a couple of Jack Russells, except the new puppy addition to the family is not having a bar of him- Fun doggy times for our placid pooch who is blissfully oblivious.

That afternoon I scampered around the city enjoying the relaxed pace of Tassie's Christmas shopping 'frenzy'.
And with a cruise boat in town, it was pleasing to see thousands of tourists milling around injecting dollars into our economy.  After my splurge on shoes at the locally owned The Jolly Swagman, which isn't just hiking gear, I wandered back to our centrally located base.
While walking I noticed a few new Asian eateries such as the Three Japanese Charcoal Grill in Elizabeth street- Menu sounded yummy! Also, and this is very exciting, a Ramen bar is currently being fitted out on the corner of Elizabeth/Bathurst streets. Plus I hear on the hospitality grapevine a couple of new exciting eateries are being developed on the waterfront, a sushi train will be finally landing in

But there's a party to attend; the weather is behaving itself. I'm never been one for parties but all that's changed since moving to Tassie. Locals here are friendly & welcoming and couldn't give a hoot about what you do or what school you went to-Unlike another unnamed state. A great time was had by all..

Next morning I hit Ecru Coffee in Criterion street for a yummy Chai latte & squealed with delight when realizing the Farmgate market is out the front of the hotel. Needless to say it is pretty hard digging me out to go to our dog sitters, who are cooking us breakfast. Before departure there's time for a quick pit stop at the fabulous Cool Wines also in Criterion street. It's a fabulous shop with an eclectic range of local, interstate & overseas wines, beers, spirits etc, and super cheap to boot. Well worth stocking your wine rack from here alone, forget the internet, shop local with a crew who know their stuff- Among other wines, I grabbed 3 Coal River Rose cleanskins for just over $30.

After brekky it's time to head home, before I max out my budget any more..quick get me outta here!
Except maybe i just wouldn't mind stopping at the roadside stall in Longley. Gosh they've totally expanded their stock with a massive range of seedlings, herbs, succulents, berry bushes, veggies, potting mix & a microbe organic soil conditioner- I've been looking everywhere for this! Also there's fresh produce for sale, grown behind the stall. Check out their seedings, they're super cheap! 

Note: Photo is only a small snapshot of what the Longley stall now sells.

Ok home James, I'm exhausted and feel like I've been on holi's..all that in 24hrs..any wonder I'm tired.

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