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Monday, November 10, 2014


It's been awhile between interstate visitors and I love nothing more than sharing 'my Tassie' with them.
But I've never had a such a difficult unpleasant time, as I did last weekend.

A very dear friend from Queensland was visiting for 2 nights, meanwhile Tassie pulled off an impressive cold snap, yep it happens.
But cold weather & a Queenslander is often not a good mix; my weekend took a nose dive.
The list of complaints was long, endless and constantly verbalised..
Apparently the weather sucks, Tassie is a boring backwater, who would want to visit or live here, the rain water tasts funny, the local milk too
and my sustainable lifestyle choices took multiple daily hits. I did feel numb, under attack but realised it was a bucket load of her stuff.
I couldn't help noticing my once chilled friend was very tightly wound and unable to see anything positive outside of her world.

Sadly I couldn't get her to the airport quick enough, and it was probably not a minute too soon for her. But I never managed to let her know my
disappointment at her resistance to share & embrace a weekend in my world- Usually I visit her in Brisbane, just quietly I'm not a fan.
Late in the day I received a text message from her, the weather is perfect in Brisbane today, great just what I wanted to hear!!

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