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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poor Albert..

Zuki came for a sleepover at my house-sit yesterday.
There were building materials to purchase & I needed the ute.

We introduced lil Nellie dog to him without a hitch, 
but Albert cat was most def not impressed.
She wasn't scared, more indignant that a big black dog was on her turf!

Meanwhile Nellie was loving the company & 
the odd bit of Border Collie fun.

Around 2am two cheeky doggie faces appeared at the window, 
when I politely asked them to shut it.
Now Nellie has a four legged companion her crying & 
neediness has suddenly vanished.

Unfortunately Albert is now the needy one.

He has spent hours (2-5am) trying to break into the bedroom.
And because he's a very large cat, sleep isn't possible, 
with all the racket he is making.

Fast forward to today, Zuki has just headed back home.
The cat is outside in the rain, looking disgruntled..
Nellie dog is crying and sulking in her basket...
Oh dear, it seems the party is over.

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