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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nellie Bootcamp!!

When the opportunity came up for a 5 week North facing house sit overlooking Kingston Beach, i jumped at the chance.
Any excuse to get away from the reno's, and sleeping in a caravan.

I have two furry critters to look after here, one being Nellie dog- At 14 that will be cruisy!
Well, that was my first mistake..

Day 1: I pop on her lead & am promptly dragged full-tilt down 30+ steps, as we head to the beach.
Lil Nellie dog has turned into a rocket when the lead is attached, plus she knows her way around here like a champion.
God what a shock...

Quickly I'm realising there's just no way she's not going to the beach, like every day & that means a 3km walk.
At the end of week 1, I've walked 20 km. Needless to say i can hardly walk anywhere by week 2, so that's not sustainable.

Unfortunately Nellie cracks a massive sulk-doggy tanty, all day, and generally drives me nuts if a walk doesn't eventuate.
She won't obey a single command, it's her way or the highway- Try teaching this ole dog a new thankyou!!

So today I've picked up a couple of sticks and am heading to a local park.
Throwing them alternately, i won't lose a finger in stick tug of war.
Hurray..this is a great bandaid, and athou she's still not happy, she's not crying- A good result.

Finally we're into week 3, and it's looking like I'll need a jolly good rest when i go back home.
It's been such a scenic beautiful sunny location, but it has reinforced that a few doggie rules & boundaries, makes for happy times.
I gotta tell u, i am lovin my well behaved-responsive Border Collie, back home, that much more now..

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  1. Oh my goodness she does sound like hard work! Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth from that photo though...pleeeease take me for another walk! Good to have a change of scenery I bet.


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