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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Boronia Beach walk

For years I've driven past the Boronia beach sign in Blackman's Bay.
Last week i finally took the plunge, and what a hidden gem it turned out to be...

Boronia Beach walk can be picked up near the the Southern end of Kingston Beach, off Mt Royal road.
If you combine it with the Alum cliffs track, you have a much longer walk to Bonnet hill.

Too hard for me, I've wandered down a bunch of steps off Christophers way to make a shorter meander.
The track twists & winds around the headland with gorgeous blue gums and salty sea views.
Up until you reach the gate you can also take Fido, then it becomes a habitat area- No dogs!
Today I've left Nellie dog crying at home, because I am most clearly having a really amazing time without her.

Back to my's relaxing, peaceful, glorious and Boronia beach is totally stunning.
With the beach being so sheltered, it would be an amazing place for a dip on a hot day.
Don a snorkle to swim with sea dragons, I'm told.

Leaving the beach there's a bunch of steps, which is getting my heart racing.
What a pity I can't see into the substantial private residence that was once Boronia Hotel.
The gardens look amazing from outside the gate, it must have been an amazing venue in it's day.

Feel like a leisurely stroll with friendly locals..give it a go, but maybe watch out for snakes on hot days.

Cut and paste this link for info:

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