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Friday, August 29, 2014


I am happily house sitting for 6 weeks, while upstairs renovations are in progress.
Today i popped home to check on progress.
With the vertical boards removed, what was behind was totally unbelievable.

For a start there's no insulation, no wonder the house doesn't hold its heat.
Secondly there's gaps to outside everywhere, and evidence of previous bird nests, rats, 

mice & bats in residence.
Thirdly the power points and light switches are not compliant, dangerously mounted & obviously not installed by an electrician.
It's dirty, feral, disgusting with shoddy workmanship..yes the list goes on!
It's going to take a host of creative solutions to effectively fix/plug up the numerous holes & sort this mess, before gyp-rocking.
But the question remains, how the heck did the previous owner-builders get this place signed off & occupancy certificate gained thru council.

It's a worry...I now know why i waited so long, i just knew it would be wrong!!
The power point is chocked up and there's gaps on every external wall. The far right panel has been fixed but it's slow going.

No more gaps, yer right..i can see sunlight!!

Even the door framing isn't compliant!
My poor tradesman, boy has he got more than he's bargained for!

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