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Friday, August 15, 2014

Future Vision...

You might wonder about the lack of blogging activity lately..
unfortunately i cannot look at a computer screen for too long. :-(

My story starts a lil something like this.
Specsavers (sorry for the blatant advertising) were having a sale & i fancied a new pair of designer reading glasses- Yep the adverts had done the trick!
Lucky about that..because i got so much more than i bargained for- A glaucoma diagnosis!!
Shock quickly shifted to horror, as i wondered why me at this non vintage age, without a family history of eye problems.
Looking back now, studying for 8 months, still having Adrenal fatigue with an over active Sympathic nervous system & sun damage from years of sailing, have most likely been the triggers.
My only symptoms before: A sometimes red sore right eye which was watery some mornings. I just thought i was tired!

But back to now..The last two months has been a whirlwind of eye specialists, laser surgery & having apparatus poked into my eyes.
I've only just dropped back down to earth and am starting to feel like i can holistically managing this- I have lots of strategies which I am researching, of course my specialist thinks i am totally nuts!
But what an impact it's had.
I've gone from never having any headaches to loads of them, extreme nausea/ stomach aches, tiredness & sharp painful red eyes which are symptoms of raised eye pressure. At one stage my eye pressure had tripped after surgery to 40/47, normal is 15 or less!
So the moral of this shared tale...if you are over 40 and don't wear glasses, get your eyes checked at an eye clinic (by an Optomertrist) every 2 years, regardless. Glaucoma rarely has symptoms until your peripheral vision deteriorates, then vision is unlikely to be restored.
Last week I sat listening to 2 ladies in the eye clinic waiting room, discuss how they discovered they had Macular degeneration. How? They woke up to find their vision was seriously distorted, they weren't glass wearers!! Could u imagine their distress. Also don't cut corners by buying chemist readers, i know my bro does, hopefully I've convinced him to do otherwise?

I am just so grateful to Ben at Specsavers in Hobart, he went above and beyond.
Thanks to his urgent efforts, which he followed up, i still have full vision.

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