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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recycling heaven

Yesterday i visited my bro in the country.
It's been a five year absence, i was glad i made the effort to reconnect.

We wound our way through the Adelaide Hills via a quick pit stop at Lobethal's Bakery
for our combined lunch.

On arrival we had a tour of his property & vast succulent gardens.
It's dry country out here, freezing in Winter ( not for a Tasmanian ) and stinking, 40+, in Summer.
But what really struck a cord, is his love of upcycled, recycled and vintage trinkets.
It seems we are two peas in a pod!
His house is full of funky finds, some handed down thru the family. I was never in one spot long enough to see
the benefit of keeping these, but luckily he did.
His yard is chockers with gleaned trinkets, statues, 60's pots, signs, & old car memorabilia, it's quite the eclectic mix.
I too am a closet rev head & without restraint i would probably change my wheels every year.
Not so different to my bro, with his ample car collection, some favourite classics among them.

The day was strangely comforting, we talked for hours about health & life.
There have been many parallels over the years, genetics really do impact on your lot.
We might be getting older but thankfully we're definitely more chilled and less critical of each others idiosyncrasies.

Late in the day, I left with a cute chook statue and the grooviest 1960's picnic briefcase, complete with flasks, cups, cutlery & plates.
The day gave me food for thought, hopefully I'll be seeing him down in Tassie one day sometime soon.

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