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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Melbourne-> Penola

Disembarking the Spirit, straight into the madness of early Melbourne traffic, is a total shock.

The 7am weather-Drizzly, foggy with poor visibility is making it difficult, plus the locals are driving like they're electrified.
The verdict...let's get outta here asap.

The roads have changed to massive freeways, boring, so we're making a right turn towards Hamilton,
back roading is much more our sort of thing.
Straight away i am lovin the vistas & the divinely flat landscape...yes I'm a born and bred flatlander!!
I also can't help noticing how high the clouds are sitting in the sky.

We push on to Casterton, the birthplace of the kelpie. It's a pity we're a few days too early for their annual
kelpie muster and auction, it's a pretty big deal around these parts-Always love a bit of working dog action..
Casterton has grown since our previous visit and has a wonderful bustling vibe but because it's only midday we
keep driving.
Coonawarra here we come!!
Yah we've arrived at Penola, starving, i make the excellent call to lunch at the Vintage Cafe.
It's healthy, wholesome and very lunch is totally fabulous.
Penola has wholeheartedly embraced yarn bombing (or guerrilla knitting) around the village, it's
already a gorgeous but now colourful village with it's km's of vines lining the road, cellar doors, pubs and an electic mix of shops and eateries.

The last decision of the day is where to stay. For something different we decide to roadtest accommodation at one of the
historic local pubs. Heywards Royal Oak Hotel offers and firmly delivers good country hospitality at fabulous prices.
Althou i don't have an ensuite, the huge TV in the room makes for great viewing from the traditional four poster bed!!!
It's also spotless with great attention to the smaller details, that make for a great stay- Like including a continental breakfast
with real coffee that can be eaten on the upstairs balcony.

It's been a huge day or two, and althou it's only 2pm I'm off to bed, while Mr B heads to the front bar to meet & hangout with the locals.
After so long it's nice to finally be on a roadie in SA..and althou it's Winter here, this isn't cold!

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