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Saturday, June 28, 2014


With a piece of Stripey Trumpeter sitting in front of me, i feel like a healthy
wet fish dish, carb free!
Thanks to a couple of bonus fish wings, i have the makings of a quick stock.
Time to put on my thinking cap.
After a quick look in the fridge, I've decided to saute fennel, tomato, leek, ginger, carrot,
saffron, sweetcorn, spices, then pop in the stock, wing meat & season.
Easy, ten minutes later it's ready to rock n roll.
The piece of Stripey is panfried separately in coconut oil until the skin is crispy,
now it's just a matter of popping it on top of the broth.
Generally I'd add a rouille or aioli on the fish skin, tonight laziness has won out,
I've opted for fine herbes & fried garlic chips-Still yummy thou!!

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