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Thursday, May 29, 2014

they’re back!!

What could be better than finding, a few days before an interstate roadie,  that some pesky rodent has had a party chewing all things electrical, under your bonnet!! This is what awaited us yesterday morning.

Now it’s only been a week since that bonnet was lifted, but with colder nights I’m guessing a warm engine bay must seem like a really top spot to spend the night…while munching on lots of tasty plastic thingies!!!

Now if that wasn’t frustrating enough, i ran for my beloved Peugeot & yep, it’s been in there too…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The bright side to this dilemma, the rodent hadn’t munched on the car’s computer, they love newer cars with more components to munch; thankfully both cars are still drivable.

So what to do at this late stage? Well it’s more of a case of what not to do. After talking with an auto electrician, the number one rule of this very common, when you live rurally, rodent munching is: TO NOT TAPE UP THE DAMAGE YOURSELF. Why not? Because you may inadvertently do more damage to the cables/exposed wires, like snapping or bending. Plus the auto electrician will have to remove the tape, increasing the cost & possibly causing more damage!!

I refuse to bait, because of the dog/native animals etc, so here’s what we did:

  • Placed lots of fresh spearmint under the bonnet
  • Sprayed with peppermint essential oil, where electrics are not exposed
  • Hung lots of mothballs under the bonnet
  • Filled a plastic container with a dry mix of cornice cement & flour- Removed when driving, and they love eating this. 
  • Placed slices of sweet potato under the bonnet
  • Set up a Nooski rat trap near it’s droppings, adjacent to the car- Wiped with metho to remove any nasty human smells

There’s so many stories of extreme damage circulating around the Valley this year, apparently it’s a bad year for rats..and so far the rodent has not been back. We just have to hope the car holds out for a lengthy road trip on the mainland. I will be holding my breathe when starting up to drive off the ferry..oh fingers crossed all goes well!!

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  1. One of the little buggers was brazen enough to peer down at me from up in the roof of the chook shed in the middle of the day yesterday! And mice have moved into my compost bin. Must be toasty and warm in there too.


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