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Restless by nature, on a whim I blew off city living and my career, to try my hand at a simpler-slower life in rural Tasmania. It's going to be one heck of a learning curve..join me as I find my feet, fingers crossed!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Off to a new home.

Six of my crew went off to a happy new home today.
My big Frizzle rooster and five hens.

I stood in the chicken coop this morning racked
with indecision..which ones to choose?
In the end it came down to sending off the girls
that hung together, so they wouldn't be stressed.

Zuki dog spent the morning sitting next to the moving cage,
he seemed concerned, later he was lucky enough to see them
land in their new home at Garden Island Creek.

My only regret, they were my prettiest hens..
oh well feeding 22 was becoming a real challenge,
and now peace has been restored with
Russell Crow ruling the roost..althou it did seem a
bit too quiet around here today.


  1. Good to hear oder has been restored. I picked up our new girls on the weekend, lovely little Wyandotte x Bantams kids adore them.

  2. Thanks Jo, yes it's so much easier with less beaks to tend. Your new girls sound gorgeous. I would never have thought Chickens could bring so much pleasure, I just love them to bits, they're so much fun!!


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