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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Autumn smoothie..

Brr it’s chilly.. my daily smoothie needs to be tweaked otherwise it’s too much of a body coolant, and that’s a problem.


Recently i splashed out & purchased a smoothie maker online. My poor vitamiser was being hammered, not coping with processing a small glass of liquid plus fruits & vegetables of all varying textures, I was slowly killing it!

A month on & i am totally impressed, it’s fabulous. Another added bonus, it grinds up whole flaxseeds to a wonderfully fine powder, making them an easy addition to foods & drinks. With holidays on the agenda this Winter, i plan to pack my water filter jug & smoothie maker- Chlorinated water & a lack of vital nutrients is always a problem when i travel. Yah i think i finally have a solution.

Back to today’s smoothie, it is a funky blend of: Beetroot, carrot, silver beet, mizuna, parsley, yoghurt, flaxseed, ginger, garlic, strawberries, Echinacea, chilli & apple juice. Now this may sound a little crazy but the combo of beetroot, chilli & strawberry is so dominating, and sweet, that the other ingredients just add a depth of flavour and it definitely boosts my slightly dodgy immune system. It’s also slightly addictive, every day I can’t wait for my arvo smoothie & homemade Bliss balls!!

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