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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Teaching an ole dog new tricks!!

We're dog sitting at the moment.
Bo dog is around 12 and a free spirit.
I've spent the whole week yelling at him, much to his delight.
I think he's loving the attention!

So far he's..
Been stalking my chooks
Eating their food
Acting aggressively towards them
Barking all night
Harrassing the resident Pademelons
Sleeping on Zuki's mat
Nearly bitten my hand off when i gave him a treat
Doesn't listen to one thing we say
Is so food driven you can't leave anything out

He's such a lovely dog
and he's tried so hard
but boundaries just aren't his thing!

Life's so much easier with a well trained responsive pooch..
And i know Zuki dog can't wait to see the back end of him!!

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