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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jun Lin Massage..

It’s Tuesday and we’ve just hit Hobart. The plan for today is to spend an hour, (or less) relaxing in an infrared sauna. Then we’ve booked a one hour traditional Chinese meridian massage.

We are visiting the new Jun Lin Massage centre off the Mall, entry is via Wellington walk. The upstairs centre is decked out with the most divine Chinese antiques; Hobart feels a world away. We are warmly greeted with a cup of Chinese Tea, then it’s on to the sauna rooms. We have split off into pairs for our private experience, no clothes needed, and change into robes before popping into our private saunas.

The benefits of an infrared sauna are quite different to the traditional hot rock style saunas, the other bonus is they don’t feel as hot. But be warned, they are a very effective body detox, muscle relaxant & weight management tool- Great for stress too!

Thirty five minutes later we are still happily sweating away in the sauna- That’s probably a bit long for a first session, oops! Our private room also includes a shower to freshen up before our massage. The centre is spacious & sparkling clean; we head off for our individual massages. The Chinese meridian massage is a dry massage using a towel, and it’s very effective. Ten minutes in I’m realising it’s been too long between drinks, everything is tight & there’s only one way to release it..yep it’s gonna be a long hour…

A spicy lunch is just the tonic i need, so we head for the wonderful Kopitiam Singapore cafe, 86 Collins street. If you haven’t checked them out, you’re possibly missing the best Laksa in Hobart..yes it’s a big call!!

Seriously thou..check out Jun Lin, what a bonus having such a professional operation in Hobart, we’ll definitely be back. BTW after the sauna i experienced quite a sizable 2 day detox..I might just be a regular for the next three months!!!

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