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Saturday, March 22, 2014

really bl__dy annoying!!

Last week i found my beloved retro Peugeot was being used as a nice comfy place for a rodent to inhabit-We’re not talking under the bonnet here! Funny, after our recent Tiger snake activity, we’d had a rat free summer. Remove the snake & back they come.

So all things considered, a bitten back door arm rest is not going to ruin my life, I moved on. The next day, I was dropping some friends at a pub in North Hobart. While de-dogging the back seat, I looked down and to my complete horror and disbelief, i found the pesky rodent had started eating it’s way up, from the back underside of the passenger bucket seat. God, what a mess, plus there’s rat droppings everywhere.

Right, now I’m totally PISSED OFF!! Out comes the rat zapper, and it’s set & placed into the car.

But it doesn’t end there. The next day it’s continued on the seat and started eating holes in my carpet, flooring & Zuki’s doggie mat. Of course it hasn’t even touched the zapper, preferring to eat my car. That night I wake up, after having had a nightmare a rat was eating my steering wheel & dashboard- Thank goodness it was only a dream. By now I’m hastily goggling “rats in your car” and what to do.

A bit slow on the uptake, Mr B suddenly springs into action and spends three hours pulling the car apart & vacuuming every inch, he has plugged up 4 gaps where we think the rat was gaining entry. I have researched rat deterrents & settled on essential peppermint oil spray, leaves & raw sweet potato- Apparently their bodies can’t process sweet potato and it kills them. The inside of the car is liberally doused with the spray & long stalks of fresh garden spearmint are placed around inside- Yep it’s definitely smelling quite minty.

Last night, there is no trace of the pesky rodent..we’re still waiting..but it’s feeling like we might have beaten it this time!!!

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  1. I knew there had to be a good use for sweet potato! I'll give it a go. Wonder if it works with pumpkin, that other scourge of the vegetable world. Also I have loads of spearmint, will try that in the roof of the chook shed too. Good luck with ridding yourself of that rodent. What a menace.


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