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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Camping with a Border Collie..

NEVER AGAIN..and in case i get deluded about taking him on another fun camping trip, this list is to remind me WHY!!
Zuki dog... 
  • Hates being away from home, and his chooks.
  • Hates long drives in the car.
  • Hates being tethered on a long lead like a dog.
  • Hates social exclusion- No dogs allowed in a camp kitchen.
  • Is a champion at cracking a sulk, "No i won't eat my dinner and don't think doggie treats are gonna work"
  • Can put on an effective poor doggy me routine, "Look at me sleeping outside alone in the pouring rain" (instead of his comfy undercover dry doggie bed)
  • Excessive dramatics in the car. GREAT, we can't leave him in the back of the ute, instead we have the aircon on freezing to stop him panting.
  • Hates being outside in this hot east coast prob when it's hot at home thou!
But all that sulking instantly dissolved when we pulled out the first tent peg. His change in demeanor was instant..his ears & tail shot up, then he charged for the ute and waited patiently in the back, until all was packed. "Yay, we're going home," said the look on his face! Yer right, what a total drama queen..

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