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Thursday, December 19, 2013

More cheap fun..

Cruising around last Saturday, we popped into my favourite nursery 
Riverbend at Nicholls Rivulet. It's a pretty casual affair, opening most Saturday's. But the real find are their fruit trees, fabulous array of roses & other ornamentals..great prices & very friendly service!

My first ever planted Rose bush...
Unfortunately Pademelons like eating roses..
cheeky buggers even push into the cage to eat the petals. 

Adventure bunny now has a new abode, 
carefully handmade by Mr B..
Note her new sleeping quarters, made from a recycled cage, 
plastic shiploads pot, 
a scrap of wood, tin & piece of vinyl so she has a 
weather proof flap..Total cost for cage: $6 

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