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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Huon Expo

Yesterday i trotted along to the second? Huon Expo..Last year i was disappointed not to get there, now i know why..It really rocks!!

The PCYC is a fabulous venue for such an event, it's great to get inside for a good look around.. My day went something like this..First up i succumbed to a sublime foot massage by a local Mountain River practitioner, at $10 it's a bargain & very relaxing! Next onto local cider and wine tastings, it's great to be able to chat & purchase stock, cheaply, direct from the producers-All of which i did, in armfuls!

There are a loads of short and cheap taste test's of local businesses specialties which makes the day enjoyably interactive. I suppress a giggle at the sight of an older farmer having his first spray on tan- I overhear his mate saying, 'Lucky it washes off'..i wouldn't be too sure of that! The upstairs art gallery is diverse, interesting plus there's a lovely chatty artist in residence. I wander past the yoga room, nothing happening in there at present. Being able to have a free haircut while at the expo is a fabulous concept, she's really busy too. The main upstairs meeting room is the perfect space for a host of holistic services (like a mini massage) or a chat with a local practitioner. Most of the food related stalls & products have been located downstairs, which is a great idea. 

But the highlight for me is a behind the scenes look through Huonville's Trade Training centre where they're hosting a variety of cookery demos from local producers. AH WOW, who wouldn't want to study here! Incidentally 3/4 of their current carpentry students are mature age; it's def never too late for a change in direction. And the helpful lecturer who I've chatted with, recons most people don't even know the Trade Training centre is here!

My quick look at the expo has stretched out to a couple of hrs...full credit to the organisers, it's a great event..don't miss it next year, or better yet grab a stall and show the Valleys residents just what wonderful products/services you have on offer...

..for next year..Huon Expo 

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