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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Betsii miniature 12 week old Lop Bunny..

Landed 3 weeks ago, much to Zukis horror.  Since then he's sulked and does anything to keep her away. The other night he planted himself on my lap as Betsii hopped over. At 30kg it's a push to fit,  she didn't seem to mind as she squeezed on as well-So that didn't work. This week I'm working on inclusion & integration.
But back to Betsii.
To date I have her house trained, coming to commands & she understands when i don't want her on furniture or in the kitchen. She has loads of personality and is enjoying settling into her new routine. Mr B made a lovely recycled open hutch which she loves. Hours are spent sitting on top of her plastic bucket watching her world. Mornings are mostly spent frolicing in my fully fenced & netted herb garden; I'm aware she is hawk fodder! Alternately i leave her hopping around the front deck if Zuki is around, it's too high to jump off of at present. And she loves her food, rattling her food bowl along the wire of her hutch, like she's in jail but making lots of noise until food appears..I HAVE NOW AFIXED THAT DISH! When she sees me feeding Zuki, she hops back into her hutch and starts tapping her food bowl until she gets fed. Finally at bed time the whole process is repeated. I put Zuki outside, she hops into bed and waits for her hutch roof to be put on..
Great progress for three weeks..

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