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Friday, September 27, 2013

yoga event..

Japanese Yoga Masters visit Hobart
Saburo & Hisae Ishii, Kenzo & Sayuri Ito, Masako Kunino, Sumiko Tanaka



A combination of corrective exercises, hogushi, pressure
point release, asanas and sotai to restore postural balance

imageSaburo & Hisae Ishii - Saburo Ishii has
been researching and practicing Zen
meditation, sleep improvement methods,
fasting, Soutaihou (Natural Movement)
and Hatha yoga for 40 years. Saburo and
his wife Hisae Ishii, established the
Family Yoga School in Kanda, Tokyo and
have been teaching Yoga and healing
techniques in Japan and internationally.

Kenzo & Sayuri Ito - Kenzo Ito studied
under Oki Yoga founder Masahiro Oki
and has more than 30 years experience
practicing and teaching Oki Yoga in Japan.

Masako Kunino & Sumiko Tanaka
Masako Kunino studied under Masahiro
Oki before moving to Australia and
teaching Oki Yoga and Japanese
nutritional healing for more than 35
years. She is also a highly experienced
Shiatsu therapist and teacher. Sumiko
Tanaka is a yoga teacher from Nagoya
and has studied alongside Masako.
Sunday 17th November 2013
10am - 3pm
Albuera Street Primary School Hall,
$80 ($70 concession)
For information & Bookings Contact
Amanda: 0419 286 503 or
Alex: 0408 897 124

A unique opportunity to practice yoga and healing with these
very experienced Japanese sensei

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