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Monday, September 30, 2013

Last week..

..i spend four days with Kirsty discovering Hobart, from behind her wheelchair. It was inspiring, extremely rewarding but at times, quite confusing.

Hobart's waterfront proved to be very user friendly with clean accessible toilets, not too many steps & lots of wide footpaths- Kirsty was impressed.

The general public on the other hand, were mostly helpful but surprisingly others were reactive/dismissive, and all for no apparent reason- Curious!! Everything takes time in a wheelchair, nothing is easy, so constantly waiting for 'abled' adults using disabled toilets was frustrating & at times uncomfortable for my friend.

Back to our adventures..Mona was a breeze and of course totally fabulous! But their winebar was a challenge. The tables were tightly packed, we had to jiggle nearly every single chair, just to gain access & annoyed lots of people in the process.

Other highlights included dining down on the docks. ( Hunter st ) We had dinner at Saffron and were welcomed and gently assisted right from the front door- It was a great nite!
Jam packed cafe proved too easy, with their gorgeous weather proof atrium that was a wheelchair assistants dream. We returned for meals each day & it didn't disappoint.

Mt Wellington lookout wasn't easy, the track was so rough it was painful plus access was extremely limited, because it's steep with lots of steps- There were another ten wheelchairs behind us! 

All in all i had a totally brilliant weekend..inclusion..Kirsty said is the greatest challenge of living life in a wheelchair...and after four days assisting her, I'd have to agree!!

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