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Monday, September 16, 2013


Last week i spent a couple of days in Hobart & stayed at the Fountainside Hotel. Loved the terrific location, i could walk everywhere & consequently got to explore a new chunk of town. 

While looking for lunch i accidently wandered past Kopitiam, on Collins street. Surprise, I did a quick U turn checked out their window display & cruised in. Yum, what a treat. The wonton soup was made with a clear chicken stock with pork & prawn dumplings. Very nicely done, good clean flavours. I also ordered a takeaway Singapore curry with a totally excellent Roti Prata.

Kopitiam is between Elizabeth & Argyle Streets as you walk down Collins Street. I briefly wondered about their location until a bus load of Malaysian tourists poured in. And their food certainly didn't taste too dumbed down like some other Asian eateries around Hobart.
Kopitiam is open all day till around 7pm ish, closed Sundays. Menu/ exact open times listed on their Facebook page..

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