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Thursday, September 12, 2013

bunny madness..

A few days ago a grey bunny appeared
It has on a harness and seems pretty tame
I throw it some food but it quickly retreats
Suddenly this morning the 'girls' screech with alarm
I look out the window, OMG the bunny is chasing our dog
Not content with the dog, it takes to the rooster
Help us squeal the chooks, as the rooster runs for it's own life

An hour later the bunny has taken control
It's having a party & taking in some sun
So up close and personal, it just loves our big dog
But Zuki's chasey game has slipped in reverse
There's no shaking this rabbit
It's attached to my leg
It's nuzzling my rump
It's nibbling my tail
God help me this rabbit is freaking me out!

This is where i step in..we've traced the owner..i gently pick it's taken back home..the dog sighs in relief.

Finally normality is restored..but geeze it's been one heck of a day
Later in the day, I say to Mr B..Can we get a pet bunny..the dog looks at me with despair!

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