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Monday, August 19, 2013

The big Telcos..

In the last couple of days our choice as consumers for value based mobile service alternatives has almost been completely eroded.

Forums have been abuzz with the news that Telstra has been in mediation talks with it's sole wholesale distributor-reseller of Prepaid 3G mobile services. They didn't muck around, it was a quick death, Telstra officially terminated its contract with ispONE, as of yesterday.

For those of us that have recently jumped ship from Telstra's stronghold in Southern Tasmania, the news was devastating. Kogan in a short few months had over 110,000 people hop onboard to their prepaid. Their fair deal policy of unlimited phone calls and SMS/MMS plus 6GB of data, was a breathe of fresh air.

It seems fair & open competition has been dealt another blow with a lil player now firmly muscled out of Australia's mobile industry. In the Huon the choices are now few & far between; Telstra will also be applying pressure, via restricted access for Kogan customers to change providers..asap. Right now our reality will be higher prices without a service that meets all of our needs.

It seems a shame that technology can't be more affordable for all...but without competition that's hardly going to be a reality..

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