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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

bike riding in the HUON >

< can be summed up in one word..DANGEROUS!! This was highlighted with the news a cyclist was killed near Huonville, a few days ago. Driving on that treacherous stretch of road today, I saw the yellow markings on the road (to mark a fatality) & half a dozen police investigators roadside..I felt saddened.

Locally I’ve heard horror stories of near misses, intentional on road vehicle/verbal harassments. Recently I was driving behind a car that hit a cyclist- The driver got more than he bargained for when the cyclist caught up with him!

As a dedicated bike rider since early High School, plus having cycled to & from work for decades, there is nothing i love better than a day out riding. But safely riding around here is almost impossible. Recently I did stumble on a bush riding track attached to the air walk. Unfortunately you have to pay the entry fee just to ride it, as a regular gig that just doesn’t suit. But that seems to be my best off road option.

Unfortunately I guess I’m stuck stationery riding, with a retro fitted contraption under my mountain bike, while dreaming of leisurely country rides.  The next safest alternative is to drive to Fern Tree, Hobart or the Channel area just to get out & about on my pushy.

There is a definite need for more public awareness; we do share the road with cyclists. Unfortunately there are no bike lanes, bike racks, few off road tracks or facilities in the Huon- Even our dogs have more options. (thanks in part to the good work of the Huon Valley Dog Walkers) With more & more cyclists on our local roads, I wonder how many more fatalities it will take before the council sits up & takes notice..


  1. I was extremely saddened when I saw the news. To be honest I even find a lot of drivers make it unsafe for other drivers let alone cyclists! I have found this in particular on our windy roads when I am driving in an area I don't know very well and pretty much stick to recommended limits round bends only to have locals tailgating and tearing around me on blind corners. This has happened on the Huon route, the Tasman peninsula route and on the west coast.

  2. Yes i definitely agree. There seems to be a lot of apathy with drivers here, driving in the middle of roads around bends, overtaking & tailgating at high speeds- I'm never surprised that there are so many head on collisions in Tassie. Also there are a host of winding driving routes that don't even have suggested limit signs, particularly around the West Coast area. The Huonville to Cygnet roads is one of the better stretches of road around here, with shoulders, recommended limits & mainly an 80km limit.


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