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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Methi leaves..

"OMG, i can't believe it, fresh fenugreek leaves," i yelled to my friend while we are walking past an Asian stall at the Mt Gravatt markets. I've never seen them fresh before; dinner is already an exciting plan in my head.

Once home I hit the stove to cook my all time favourite Ayurvedic soup: Spiced split mung bean with fresh fenugreek leaves..Yummo. It's the perfect remedy for my upset tummy- I blame QLD's water!

The next night i debone a couple of whole rainbow trout. They're stuffed with the preferred leaves, springonions & lemongrass. Wrapped and baked they take 15 mins; of course they're fabulous.

While in Adelaide i picked up a large packet of dried fenugreek leaves. (they can be hard to source in Tassie) They're so pungent all my packed holiday clothes have smelt intensely herbaceous for my entire trip..In a weird way i sorta like it??

Well my annual food safari has come to it's conclusion. This year it was problem free but my tummy is a bit over stretched; it's time to head for home...I must say I'm quite looking forward to it too!! ciao ciao Brisbane..

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