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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fat Noodle..Brisbane..

The other night we dined at Luke Nguyen's restaurant at Treasury Casino in Queen street.

This is a non booking establishment. Like us you could indulge in a Vietnamese inspired cocktail at the bar, once you've announced your presence to the maitre di, or alternately dine at one of the many communal benches. Either way its great to admire & soak up the incredible ambience of the interior design, that feels intrinsically Asian cross casino. Chop sticks and woks hanging from the ceilings is just one of their funky touches.

The service is slick, discreet & divinely efficient-What a treat indeed! Instantly there's a pot of tea on our table that honours the Asian hawker markets style dining experience on offer here. Our menu, which serves as a placemat, is as vast as it is reasonable; we're spoilt for choice.

The food arrives on our table so fast i can't believe it, presentation is perfect. Our entrees are stunning, they last only a minute before being 'polished off'. Maincourses are just as complex & delicious as entrees but also quite large serves, we don't manage to finish them. I had hoped to try the Asian inspired creme brulee or panna cotta for dessert, but we're just too full!
With our night drawing to a close i can see the tables being turned over again & good on them, they deserve all the business they can handle!!

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