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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Russell needs U?

Russell ‘Bantam’ Crowe is looking for a new place to call home & maybe a few lovely ladies to look after. I have too many Bantam Roosters, for breeding, per ratio of hens so some need to go. They’re good looking boys so I don’t fancy giving them the chop. It’s hard working out which ones to move on, he would be a good breeder with his lovely colourings.

image Russell has a nice gentle placid nature, comes quickly to ‘chookers’ calling, is happy to be picked up & loves being hand fed. (good for the kids) He follows me around the garden & is use to hanging out with a dog all day; there’s no escaping Zuki!

Bantams, in my limited experience, are quite sociable & love snuggling up & being in a group. They’re also quite quirky chooks with their antics and interested in everything you do. image

It’s like having a group shadow. They follow me while day time free-ranging & work out that I’m eating lunch long before the dog. Oh & they don’t eat a huge amount if their night abode is cosy-warm..

Email me if you’re interested, he has only just started crowing as it took me till late May to work out he was a boy!


  1. Haha our rooster is also called Russell Crowe!

  2. Seemed like an obvious choice to me too, my rocking frizzle had to also be Freddie Mercury!


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