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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lunch on the run..

Scampering around Adelaide today i found a healthy takeaway; and in a food hall to boot!. Bing Boy- urban Asian street food make thin wheat omelette wraps from eggs, sesame, coriander & spring onions then fill with a range of fresh ingredients. Out of the 8 listed wraps it was great to see a Tassie smoked salmon version for $8.90,  which was the most expensive. The wraps are made while you wait/watch; mine had a really good balance of flavours,texture and saucyness- It was warming and filling...hmm Hobart could do with one of these franchises...
Of course Adelaide now has the Asian bakery Breadtop chain too, oh dear it's just round the corner, so down the hatch goes a couple of Portuguese egg tarts...These must be easy to make and my Bantam eggs would def turn them into super stars..has anyone got a gd recipe or link to one??

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