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Thursday, June 6, 2013

aloe vera.



Usually around this time of year I’m rushing to pick my aloe’s before they turn brown with the cold weather. How bizarre, not this year, along with my happy basil I still have cumquats growing- Not for long I imagine!

Back to my aloe..I got carried away transplanting this year & now have eight large pots of thriving aloe. So here’s what I do…

1. JUICING: I Pop a small piece of washed uncut leaf into my juicer with sweeter fruits. Don’t be tempted to stir, it will emulsify giving it a crazy viscous texture with a bitter twist.

2. SHAMPOO: Juice 3/4 a medium jar, top up with water and shake to mix. Last time I added a pinch of citric acid to see if it would preserve the colour, it did for a few days. Store in fridge, it will break down after a day. To use..Shake before use and pour into your palm then scrub thru your hair, there will be no lather I’m afraid- Rinse out very well. Any scalp problems will vanish overnight. *The above photo is aloe juiced after a carrot, hence the golden glow. 

3. SKIN: Cut aloe leaf and remove the spiky sides then slit lengthwise right thru the middle of the entire leaf. Rub inner side over your face to perk it up just before bed. Keep any off cuts in the fridge for later use. Alternately you could try using this as a body scrub while showering.

Of course aloe is also great for burns, bruising, sunburn, itches, stings & probably plenty of other things I haven’t experienced yet! My secret for growing aloe like a weed in Tassie..plant in a deep black plastic pot which sits in a warm sheltered spot. I have mine just in front of the deck on the concrete with some also under poly carb sheeting…But in Winter keep them dry as they hate being cold & wet!!

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