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Restless by nature, on a whim I blew off city living and my career, to try my hand at a simpler-slower life in rural Tasmania. It's going to be one heck of a learning curve..join me as I find my feet, fingers crossed!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the chook bailey.. finished & secure from most predators we hope. It’s been constructed from reclaimed & second hand goods except for the chicken mesh, to keep out the feasting sparrows & nibbling rats- Who ate six holes in my bird netting while the girls were temporarily residing in my herb garden!! Darn it…

Last week we popped the three girls from up the back in to make it easier over Winter. (warmer too) There were two days of pecking order squabbles but harmony seems to have been restored..and they all love their new abode!

I’m sold on the A frame design and medieval style recycled door..image

image image 

garden seedling trays seem to be the most popular place to sleep and they love perching on the bed head..

image glad to see the outdoor furniture getting good use.

every dusk it’s the same gig before going in to roost!

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