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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

not for the squeamish..

Last week I had my first colonoscopy, thankfully there’s absolutely nothing wrong, no need to panic but I thought it was better to check out my intestinal jewels after a few unusual tummy glitches.

Bowel issues don’t generally seem to be widely talked about. Well I’m fearless in that regard, so here I go. Randomly a few weeks ago I started asking people I hardly know about the procedure. Surprisingly every person I asked, and there were lots, had previously experienced at least one colonoscopy before. Wow really, and even better they all had a bit of wisdom to openly share with me.

So here’s my two cents worth for an impending procedure..Clear out your schedule as much as possible to one of rest, especially the day before. The hospital supported me with good info about the low residue diet of no roughage, nuts, limited dairy intake, fruit or veggie skins which needs to be adhered to on the previous 3 days. The day before you take in only clear fluids and it can be quite draining- I was pre-prepared with chicken stocks ready made in the fridge. Next was the fun part, the 3 step sachets of tummy clearing powder. After the first I was thinking, no sweat this is fine. But by the second I was wishing my toilet seat was HEATED! By the third I decided it easier to sleep in the lounge but the dog abandoned me because of the strange gurgling sounds coming from my tummy! So no sleep for that night & by 7am there were no more fluids/water allowed to be taken until after the procedure. By the time I arrived in Hobart I was delirious-relaxed and determined not to be stressed or anxious. I managed to keep up my positive & cheerful demeanour (I was last on the list at around midday) & can say that the lead up to the colonoscopy was by far the most challenging. The whole thing was over in a flash & in no time I was tucking into a won-ton noodle soup with extreme GUSTO in Sandy Bay…But perhaps my best pieces of advice are keep yourself well hydrated during the lead up phase, water & local apple juice were a godsend- I drank 3+lt’s whilst up on that last night. It was hard but I knew it would make a difference & it did. Then have a driver to take you there & back plus someone who can be with you after you get back home..even thou you will sleep like a log…

So there it is..I’m proud of myself for getting ‘the job done.’ 

And by performing your yearly bowel screening test you could possibly save yourself something much more serious. Don’t put it off, it’s really no biggie!!

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