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Sunday, April 7, 2013


I’ve been far to busy to it’s time for a catch up.

Part of my Easter break was spent having a city fix, except I forgot that Hobart shuts down on Good Friday. Mona must have been packed, as was the wonderful Hill Street Grocer in New Town. Apart from a few speciality food stores everything else was SHUT! Oh well, at least Zuki got to spend some getting to know you time with lil Paddy dog. Such a cutie, he bounced around his backyard & ran that big silly Border Collie around in circles.P3240085 Zuki’s chicken babes are growing by the day, recently I’ve had them out free-ranging while trying to teach Zukes some working dog-herding skills. They’re still small enough to be hawk fodder but their doggie minder is never far away!

image Last week we had a pit stop at The Summer Kitchen Bakery Cafe in Ranelagh- I’d heard it’d been open for some time. Loved the setup, and the coffee & croissant was yummo. We were salivating over the wallaby & organic beef pies, maybe next time. Opening times are Tues-Saturday 7.30am ish till late arvo. (sorry that’s a bit vague!!) But check it out…

image This week we’re lucky enough to have Jenny visiting from Finland, which I’m lovin. Yesterday she did a great job on the garden & stacking wood, since the sun was shining brightly. But today it’s misty so she’s creating a few mosaics to place around the yard from my bucket of broken crockery, glass & upcycled bits. It’ll be nice to have a visual memento of her visit….

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