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Friday, January 25, 2013

nu coop up..

With Goldie Bantams sudden demise, our egg supply has dwindled. Today we welcome an expansion to our pack. But somehow Mr B has forgotten to mention when he was picking them up, so their arrival is unexpected & chaotic. Zuki rushes to the car in his usual meet & greet fashion but this time there’s a mother chook & 8 chicks sitting caged on the front seat. She let out one hell of a shriek, I twig what’s going down & call him off. Zuki is by then in doggy paradise with a big grin & excited eyes. OMG more babies to look after!!

Chick Coop

There’s no denying they’re already stressed, but with their separate mobile enclosure she should feel secure. Our rustic enclosure is made from the local tip shop discard pile and nothing’s getting into here. Which is just as well we netted it, because the female Fairy Wrens have been trying to have a go at the chicks! With much squawking & the odd peck they are slowly acclimatising. Mr B added two old plastic trays for feeding and water, so the chicks won’t drown. Zuki’s been watching from a respectful distance with unbridled enthusiasm, while checking the brood up the back is coping with the new influx. We could never have too many animals for this dog, he loves having a large furry family to look after & takes his duties very seriously. Every day, same time, i get nudged by a wet doggie nose reminding me it’s time for either a morning feed or putting the girls to bed. Zuki won’t relax until he knows they’ve been sorted & he can see them roosting for the night. What a top dog!!

So I wonder what other critter we could get him next???

New chicken family


  1. Hilarious! We have five more day old chicks in the bathroom at the moment and Baerli is fascinated. Both dogs have been sitting in front of the chook tractor outside like it is the TV set. Zuki is such a good boy!

    1. Zuki is def edging closer by the day & lies low watching them for hours. Today the Mother hen squawked when we got near, Zuki gave us his look of, "Well you're way too close, aren't you." By the end of the week I figure he'll have graduated to up close & personal!


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