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Monday, January 7, 2013

eerie sunset glow..


The smoke has been sitting in the valley for two days now, drifting over from Lake Repulse & other fires in that area. It’s a strong reminder that if a fierce bushfire comes through, there’s not always time to do anything other than get out safely with your beloved pets. We’ve been discussing a bushfire plan and have packed an emergency backpack of essentials ready to fly. Our next step will be to touch base with neighbours & see how we can all work together. But so far the Huon Valley has been spared this year.

Since moving here, I’d forgotten how the impending doom of a coming bushfire season felt. Over the years I’ve experienced, first hand, a few smaller bushfire events plus watched in horror, from a distance, the Ash Wednesday fire devastation in 80’s. However I’ve never felt so humbled as when I see how Tasmanians react to a crisis. The locals & tourists caught up in these fires have been immediately assisted & supported in so many ways. Lets also not forget pets, livestock, native animals & other furry critters that are now being cared for by volunteers at the Showgrounds in Hobart- No one has been forgotten.

With or without the high temperatures, Tasmania is dangerously dry & overgrown this year, and it’s still only January! There will be various donation points around this weekends Cygnet Folk Festival, if you wish to make a difference.  Finally our heart goes out to everyone experiencing distress at this time..


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