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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the bushfire season upon us already.

Last week on the hottest & windiest day of the season to date, we received a frantic call from a neighbour. “There’s an alarming amount of smoke just down the road and heading our way” they said. That caused an instant spike in my stress level because we were currently driving thru Oatlands, returning from the East Coast. Lucky for us some of our neighbours are as hyper sensitive to the first sign of a potential bushfire, as we are. They quickly drove down the road to check out what was really happening & started pitching in with the landowner to make some progress before the CFA arrived. It was rather a quick drive to Hobart when we got the final update that a disaster had been adverted, thanks to some quick thinking & everyone’s efforts- It could easily have gone the other way thou! The cause of the fire, a reignited  burn-off from 4 or so days before- At that time it was a controlled & supervised burn-off.

In previous years I’ve been horrified at the complacency of residents around bushfires. Last year a couple of local landowners conducted regular burn-offs on only the hottest North windy days, generally with no one even home watching the fire. Thankfully each time, concerned passing residents rang the local CFA crew.

We all need to vigilant this bushfire season, watch for smoke & consider our actions; the stakes are high. Take care.

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