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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

exploring St Marys, Tasmania

Before we headed up to the East Coast, I asked around about St Marys. “Never stopped there, we usually just drive on by,” a friend offered. New frontiers to be explored, my interest is most def piqued!

St Marys at first glance has a ‘Cygnetish’ vibe, without the hoards that seem to be moving down here; I love the sleepy pace & friendly locals. Today it’s pouring with rain so it’s hard to wander around. The decision is reached to abandon sightseeing for my other favourite pursuit, lunch! With my yummy food sensors activated, I pick the Purple Possum Wholefoods & Cafe as our lunch spot. Inside the cafe is bustling, so we plonk down inside the front window and set about people watching- Pity it’s so wet cause the courtyard garden looks really inviting! There’s everything by the bucket load & a small interesting collection of hanging works by local artists. Back to lunch. It’s green clean and really yummy plus we love the country prices.


Once outside it’s fun meeting local dogs getting to know Zuki. There’s so many benefits of travelling with your pooch, namely meeting people, it’s a real icebreaker. While I’m patting every dog within cooee, the Mt Elephant Fudge shop catches my peripheral vision, and off I trot. Mr B has no idea where I’ve gone but cannily works out the most likely scenario! Inside he finds me munching on fudge, generally I’m not a fan but Mt Elephant fudge doesn’t have the heavy sickly over processed texture I’ve come to expect. The shop is another cool space with good attention to detail and has lots of local treasures to buy; the packets of local heirloom seeds are hard to bypass. Thirty minutes later and I’ve gleaned a bit of a skinny on the local community; we’ve been directed to the racecourse overnight camping spot for coin operated hot showers & toilets. Just the bees knees for our bush-camping soiree. My sugar hit is finally kicking in courtesy of a whopping ice-cream, oops! Back comes the rain so I’ve only got as far as Pings bit of everything store & a second hand collectible shop.

Not too worry we’ll def be back for more of Liz’s fabulous fudge since I sneakily ate most of it once home, plus I’m hanging for a looksee at Gone Rustic (studio/gallery) and the indoor heated pool looked worth a future dip. Then there’s a myriad of bushwalking options & the lovely scenic drive down the pass towards the coast..hmm St Marys was a top day out!!

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