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Friday, November 30, 2012

the birds..


Zuki’s bowl has been taken over by this lil Superb Blue Wren. Unfortunately there’s other birds trying to nest in the top of the heater flue, even with chicken wire around it. Then there’s the Welcome swallows trying to nest in my ole galvanised tank garden shed- I often find myself ducking when going in there! Also the pesky sparrows have pulled out the insulation under the roof line, via the gutter & made themselves a hidey hole in the roof. We get woken by baby sparrow squawks each morning.

But the award for the most determined birds goes to this pair of Grey Shrike-thrushes. They found the most non bird friendly spot to build their nest, right smack bang in the middle of the open carport/workshop bench- On top of a pile of tools. She’s very trusting, we are often working alongside her nest but she sits watching us without a worry. Yesterday we came home to find her three eggs had only just hatched, cute lil baby beaks were only just holding their own. Stay tuned for a photo of their progress, when they get a bit stronger!!

Sitting on the nest with just a tail & head poking out! Hopping out of her nest!

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