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Saturday, November 17, 2012

makers on church st..Geeveston

This week I had a quick stopover in Geeveston. I walked along the river, caught up with a friend and then stumbled on the newish & fabulous makers on church st.

PB140087 Geeveston always manages to put on such a great combined effort. In the past my favourite was the Southern design centre but I must confess, I’ve jumped ship. Maker is groovy, warm, eclectic, intimate, colourful & fun- There’s something for everyone! Today there are six artists on site, busily producing varied forms of art. There’s plenty of time for a chat & I corner Freddy Lee-Mount sitting at work in one of the back rooms. I love his retro/vintage inspired fabric cards & often head down this way just to buy them.PB140090 Well at least my mission today has been accomplished, I’ve found a funky gift for my favourite 7 yr-old friend. It’s not hard to find something unusual here with their wide range of local and Tasmanian sourced products..check it out soon!!

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  1. Hi Silverhill...I'm with you on this one after I discovered the centre just over a month ago. It's a celebration of our local artisans and a delight to be able to watch them at work. I've already treated myself to one of the magnificent paper Christmas wreaths, revamped clothing and some special gifts. I'd encourage everyone to check it out and consider buying local this Christmas and supporting our local makers.


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