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Sunday, November 4, 2012

camping with a Border Collie..

Homeboy is off for his first Tassie camping trip- I wonder how he’ll go??


Day 1: There’s some confusion as to why he’s still sitting in the back of the car, three hours after setting off. “Why are we still driving around,” says the look on his face! Finally we pull into the Longford Riverside caravan park, a dog friendly space with lovely camping spots. Unfortunately for Zuki he’s on the lead at all times & none too impressed by this fact..PB020029 - Copy

Day 2: With a nice comfy car to sleep in and balmy warm weather, you’d think he’d be happy. But NO he’s not & he’s refusing to eat his food. Not the wisest decision to date. When his back is turned five ducks dispatch his food & doggie water with practised precision. Today we’re off sightseeing, so there’s plenty of off lead time & fun to be had.

Day 3: Sulking still, he’s moping around the campsite but scoring heaps of attention from other it’s def working! Oh well it’s another day of hoo to that!

Day 4: After three hot days it’s a total wash out. There’s no choice but to pack up all the wet gear & start driving towards the East Coast.


Vert late in the day we land in Scamander, it looks gorgeous although it’s pretty hard to see anything under this still pelting rain. I can’t face camping again so we book into an Eco-Safari Tent @ Scamander Sanctuary caravan park. It’s not busy so I’ve picked the site that’s tucked back into a corner, it will be good for the dog. But the greatest surprise is although he still has to be tied up here, he is finally HAPPY- Hooray it’s about time!!


Next day..we head home with plenty of roadie stops for long doggie walks on the beach.

Once we arrive home he looks SOO happy to be home & three days later he’s still sneaking off for micro sleeps…

We’re still planning lots of other trips, I feel he took a few days to get with the program, it was all new & strange, next time will be easier, I’m sure…


  1. Hilarious :-) Love Zuki. We're yet to do any travelling around Tassie with our dogs, but it's definitely on the cards.

    1. I would highly recommend beach/bush camping with B and G on the East coast- Between St Helen's & Bicheno. Pristine beaches, usually some form of a toilet & most spots are signed if they are dog friendly. We had a good look around for future trips, lots of spots for caravans & big rigs!

  2. What a shame. If I had known you were up this way, Bella and Lucy could have shown Zuki their favourite off lead play areas

    1. We only spent half a day in Lonnie due to it being quite hot for Zuki, he hates warm weather. I was disappointed I couldn't walk Cataract Gorge, but I hadn't planned ahead & it's a doggie free zone. I thought of you when i was buying bread at Utsi & wished I had gotten in touch but it was all a bit rushed this time around. Especially with that crazy downpour of all day rain!!!

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