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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

lost-home in 1.5 days..

Late on Tuesday, we met a young tourist walking her dog down our road.  Along the way she’d acquired another local furry friend that wasn’t budging. Luckily she’d knocked on a few doors to start the ball rolling, we took the friendly lil pooch home with us & hopped on the phone.


Because she was so small we concentrated on this hill; we even drove her past houses to see if she recognised home. No luck there, she seemed to be relishing her ride in the car, to notice much else. She marked her territory all over the block & played with our big silly dog who by now was chucking a tanty- Hello where’s MY attention!

By late yesterday I had met recently new to the area neighbours & touched base with the others. We’d narrowed it down to about 6 houses further up the road. When whammo, the lines of communication & local grapevine met. The dog owners had been working their way down the road, while we had been working our way up. We arrived home to find a note on our doorstep, with the doggies address. Promptly we dropped her home to one of those 6 houses. The lil critter trotted off into her yard, like nothing had happened.

I loved the result of yet another advantage of living life rurally, there was no panic, just a resolve she would be tracked down. This sense of community & caring always catches me by surprise. Everyone had time for a chat & were happy to phone a friend.

Her owners said she is prone to a bit of visiting, but this is the first time she’d gone that far. And because she’d just had a bath, her collar & ID were still at home. As we drove out their drive, I can’t help but wonder..If she’ll be back for a day visit to the big silly black dog??

You gotta love a happy ending!!!

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