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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dover mussels..

A few weekends ago I popped into the Cygnet market- Wow what a pulsating happening market! With stalls spilling out onto the roadside surrounding the Town Hall, there’s much to see & many choices to purchase local produce. But the highlight for me on the day were the Dover mussels, at such a good price I felt a bit guilty. I thought they’d be pretty special with the pristine waters down that way. I wasn’t disappointed, they were delicious with a clean vibrant-robust flavour that tingled on your tastebuds- Will def be back for more!


Last nights mussel concoction started like this..I popped fresh turmeric, kaffir lime leaves, ginger, garlic, spring onions, chilli & belacan into my mortar & pestle. Then ground to a medium paste. In a stainless frypan I fried off the paste, added a splash of coconut milk, lime juice & palm sugar. On high heat the mussels were placed into the ‘curry’ sauce, tossed a few times to coat & lidded so they could steam open. Two minutes later I picked out the mussels and placed onto blanched round rice noodles. The mussel juices were reduced for a further minute & then napped over the mussels along with a garnish of fried onions & picked salad burnet. Super Yummo!!

Cygnet Produce Market: First and third Sunday of every month, Cygnet Town Hall & surrounds 10am-2pm.

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