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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Climbing a mountain for M.E

Garmin Point to Pinnacle 2012

for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Vic,Tas,NT)

Cassandra Leigh is walking up Mt Wellington to raise awareness & much needed funds for M.E/CFS Australia.  Funds are desperately needed so workshops can be run regionally across Tasmania in 2013- And $7,000 will make it happen! Currently ME /CFS Australia (Vic, Tas, NT) run workshops for school teachers in Victoria to help educate them on the illness so they are better equipped to support students and generate awareness in schools.  

ME / CFS Australia (Vic, Tas, NT) help educate and raise awareness about this complex, chronic and highly debilitating neuro-immune condition. They provide support, care, early intervention, education and conferences. They are fighting hard for awareness, biomedical treatments, biomedical research and a cure. It is estimated around 42,000 adults, teens and children live with M.E/CFS in Vic,Tas,NT. Like any chronic illness, it can be mild, moderate or severe. Some will recover, however 25% of people who contract M.E/CFS remain highly bedbound or housebound and unable to ever work- ME /CFS silently destroys lives. You can make this happen by a Donation plus read Cassandra’s inspiring story by following this link. 


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