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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

coffee grinder..

With the trend towards large coffee machines & grinders in the home. We pondered for ages on our best plan of attack- Not having any more electric appliances being our top priority. Eventually we settled on a Japanese Porlex stainless steel ceramic mini hand grinder, to compliment our stove top Italian espresso machine.P8280209We’re super happy and it’s small enough to stash in a backpack or pack into the caravan. By filling the top compartment, you make enough for one large strong cup of espresso- Not too strenuous! Plus there’s something really nice about waking to the gentle sounds and smells of coffee beans a grinding. Highly recommend..Found it on ebay!!


  1. We made the decision quite a few years ago not to add to the endless electrical gadgets that are so easy to acquire. I bought a stainless steel coffee grinder from Habitat initially and then the MIL gave us her old German hand grinder. It's wooden and looks like a little box with a drawer beneath to hold the ground coffee. If we fill it up we can make a large pot of coffee, strong coffee. This little hand grinder came to Australia with her in 1954 and still provides me with a bit of an arm workout every day.

    1. Love the history, it sounds like it went to a good home. We were looking for an antique second hand grinder all over Hobart, but they were thin on the ground.(and the internet)


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