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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chemicals in the home..

This could easily happen to you!!

Last week my mate in Brisbane decided to move; since I’ve been staying awhile I rolled up my sleeves & gave her a hand doing the final clean. Things were going well until late in the day someone started using what I call, heavy artillery cleaning agents- It wasn’t my choice!!

I took one step inside & doubled over instantly, along with a rasping deep cough that wouldn’t stop. Things then got worse with dust mites/mould spores or whatever flying around this tropical house, my respiratory system started to struggle. With what was happening, I had no way to deal with it so easily being away from home; I still had to stay two more nights in this house- That was hard even sleeping with every window open in my declared ‘chemical free zone’ at the front of the house.

Eventually I got to a Dr but this has knocked the stuffing out of me & left me lying low for nearly a week. Today I’m finally up & about but still coughing my lungs up. I’ve lost over 3kg & have another DR. visit on Monday, to see if I also have Bronchitis- Beauty!

Over the years I’ve used truck loads of nasty cleaning agents, as you do in commercial kitchens- I always limited their use but some were always essential. After a 25+ year career my body rightly has no resistance to these pests- I’ve never used chemicals at home & either did my parents.

But for now I wonder: Will I be able to visit someone who lavishes chemicals around their ‘clean’ home or doesn’t keep their house relatively clean?? Probably not I’m thinking. Anyway it’s high time I headed back home to Tassie & my own clean green environment. Although from now on I will be keeping it cleaner & buying my bi-carb in bulk!!

Into chemical cleaning..DON’T DO IT..over time everyone’s health will suffer in some way whether you realise the connection or not…I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, it’s really just not worth it!!


  1. We are the same and have become very sensitive to chemicals. I rarely go into the big supermarkets but when I do I definitely can't go down the chemical aisles. One work group I do think is at acute risk is the hairdressing group. I think in years to come they will be suffering like the asbestos group.

  2. I agree and it's taken me ages to find a hair dresser/salon that doesn't smell or taste 'toxic' as I cannot tolerate it. Talk about unsafe Health & Safety working in those environments esp with nail technicians often in store. Yesterday in Paddington, I had to leave a small shop because of the over powering perfumery smell radiating out of it. God it was awful! Stuck straight on my palate!


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