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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

walking Mukh..

in suburban Brisbane!

There’s nothing like a large scary dog with a studded collar to keep people at bay. I wonder if they think I haven’t noticed their sideway glances & suddenly vacated path as we walk on by.


Mukh is a real sook with the girls but when a slightly dubious bloke comes in for a pat, he goes on full alert. I manage to hold him back, he’s well trained & responds to me quickly. The bloke is slow on the uptake & I’ve had to make allowances for him.



 P7250152-001 P7250150-001

A short break for a look at some great street art in the park- Note bored dog! I’m totally blown away that they play netball on grass in Brisbane. There’s gotta be around 20 courts in the park, how totally sensible, beats jarring ash felt any day..


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