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Restless by nature, on a whim I blew off city living and my career, to try my hand at a simpler-slower life in rural Tasmania. It's going to be one heck of a learning curve..join me as I find my feet, fingers crossed!

Thursday, July 5, 2012!

Nothing escapes being eaten. I was doing some restoration work on my dining room chairs recently & left them in the carport overnight. Next day, to my complete horror, every chair had a rat bite out of it & there’s no hiding the fact- Tip shop for them, I’m guessing. Half the valley probably heard me yell, NOOO Bloody Rats!!!P7060072

Then for surprise no. 2, today we lifted the bonnet only to find they’ve gnawed at the car’s window washer, plastic thingo, overnight. The tricky thing is, if we replace it, they’ll probably have a go at the new one.

Might be a Rat Zapper coming this way, very soon!!

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