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Sunday, July 15, 2012

exploring Cooroy..

on foot..

Day 5: Peace & Tranquillity..

It had to happen sooner or later; I am finally enjoying the delights of some good ole fashion nurturing hospitality at a gorgeous local B&B. Time to get out and about, before I leave with a negative viewpoint of the area. Today’s weather is decidedly cool & blowy with the odd ray of sunshine. Hmm, I’m still feeling the cold, as nowhere is heated.

P7160096Cooroy has an arty feel without the hoo-haa of Noosa, it’s down to earth, localised & not too over-developed, yet! Above: The sunken library cafe courtyard; I’ve just walked over the library roof garden, it’s massive.

P7160092 Above: Cooroy Butter Factory, community art space.

But the highlight today, is this little sign on Steve’s fruit & veggie shop. It’s my favourite shop in town with loads of cool local produce, organics & has a great vibe.

P7160098 Tomorrow Brisbane’s gunna be busy!!!

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